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The Quinta das Torres was originally part of the nearby Quinta da Bacalhoa, and was a gift of Dona Brites, the mother of King Manuel I of Portugal. It belonged to Dom Diogo de Eça, who built it according to an Italian Renaissance-influenced design, with a central courtyard and a large lake on the north side, with a tempietto of 10 columns. The building shows a sophisticated knowledge and fluency in the language of classical architecture, corresponding to the influence of Serlio's treatise.


For many years, the Quinta was used as a guesthouse and venue for events and weddings. We were invited to create a new space from scratch in an orchard far from the house to serve as a leisure area with pool and poolhouse for entertaining. We utilized a simple but strong design that would blend with the surrounding landscape and pay homage to the Serlian architecture of the core of the property.

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